Either something very strange is happening in the skies over Lakeville, or someone is seeing things. We’ll let you decide.

We frequently check the National UFO Reporting Center database to see what kind of reports are coming in from the SouthCoast and across Massachusetts of unidentified flying objects.

A person reported three separate occasions of UFO sightings in Lakeville between November 14 and December 14 of last year, but also mentioned it had been something that was ongoing for quite some time.

“I found these anomalies by accident during the day, circular lights jumping from cloud to cloud,” the person said in the first report. The person also said they “descend slowly through the night in my neighborhood,” claiming the events go on for many hours.

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The first reported sighting on November 14, at around 5:30 p.m., laid the groundwork for what this person would see repeatedly over the next month.

“There’s a main formation that appears to be a ship, with many smaller ones, too many to count, different quantities each night,” the person reported, noting that weather is a factor as well, and that cloudy, rainy days draw out more activity than a clear night.

“When they get close to the tree line, they drop what look like mini shooting stars, right down to the ground,” the person wrote. “They are very strategic and organized, using a perimeter of about three to four bright lights that guide the main ship down; when these lights descend, the main ship will. A gust of wind also follows with a calculated descent.”

The person also mentioned that their son had shared some of the experiences with them.

The next report came on December 8, again happening in the early evening, this time at 6 p.m. The person reported seeing it for a duration of five hours, and that it also caught the attention of other people in the neighborhood.

The person also mentioned that there were a number of aircraft appearing in the skies with spotlights, apparently searching for these unidentified objects.

“The (objects) are well camouflaged against (their) surroundings,” they wrote. “They come down as low as 10 feet from my backyard.”

The person claimed to have taken many videos but said they do not come through well.

The final reported sighting was on December 13 at 9:25 p.m. Again, the encounter reportedly went on for hours.

“I pick up on something different almost every evening, trying to focus on a particular object each time,” they wrote. “A new formation that I noticed is a line of lights starting from the main object. These lights can be bright or not. When not moving, they are usually brighter.”

They also pointed out that more aircraft were seeking out the UFOs.

“Again, tons of low-flying planes moving right over my backyard,” the person wrote. “I’m not the only one trying to figure out what’s going on here.”

Oddly, though, there seem to be no other reports from the area of UFO sightings at those same times. Of course, people could be having sightings and just not be aware that the National UFO Reporting Center exists, but events like these should have been plastered all over social media.

What do you think? Are these legitimate sightings, or something that’s all in the person’s head? It is the Bridgewater Triangle, after all.

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