One of the toughest parts about planning your wedding is deciding who is going to be entrusted with making your day the best it can possibly be.

You are faced with endless choices—and many of those choices can make an incredible impact on your wedding reception. Who you choose for your wedding vendors is such a big deal, but where do you begin? How do you weed through the endless lists of available wedding photographers, videographers, and cake decorators?

One valuable resource is your other vendors.

You might not think to ask your DJ company about who they'd recommend for a photographer, but it actually makes perfect sense. Your DJ has probably worked with a good amount of the photographers you are thinking about hiring. Your DJ and photographer will be working hand-in-hand throughout the night to make sure your key moments are caught. Imagine if your DJ just went ahead and started the grand introductions of the bridal party without making sure the photographer was ready? It would be a disaster! The couple would not have those moments for their wedding album.

Everybody wins when your wedding vendors work well together, so it only makes sense to ask the wedding vendors you've already hired who they'd recommend. Of course, this shouldn't be the ONLY thing you take into consideration, but I do think it can help to thin the playing field. Certainly, don't forget to use your vendors as a useful tool as you go through the process of planning your wedding.

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