I still haven’t wrapped my head around the fact that I am getting married in less than six months. After all the obstacles that 2020 threw at brides to be, it’s hard to imagine the day is actually going to happen.

But reality is sinking in for this November bride as I begin putting the final touches on the big day and making executive decisions like a boss. The cake is a must, a good sound system is a definite, but are the wedding favors all that necessary?

“Don’t waste your money,” Michael said to me when I was telling him my genius idea for a wedding parting gift.

I wanted to put a couple scratch tickets in a bag that said, “For richer or poorer.” Pretty clever, right?

I thought I was being crafty and frugal, but I’m not very good at math. Buying “a couple” of scratch tickets for a wedding of 200 people would get costly.

“If there is one way area you can save your money in, don’t waste your time on the favors,” Michael insisted.

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He’s got a point. I went to a wedding in 2018 where the wedding favor was a miniature jar of honey with a label that read “Life is sweet” with their wedding date underneath. That jar has gone unused and untouched since 2018.

But I find myself getting attached to the sentimental parts of the wedding day. I want people to take a piece of the wedding home with them, so they can always remember that special day.

I’m calling on all the brides, past and present. Do I save the money and nix the favors, or do I keep the favors and find a cheaper option? So many options, so little time.

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