Frank's Red Hot sauce has always been one of my favorite condiments. As their slogan goes, I put that s--- on everything – well, everything but this.

You may have been watching the Super Bowl but did you see what transpired on Twitter between Frank's Red Hot sauce and Dunkin' just isn't right.

Every year, Frank's Red Hot pulls a marketing stunt around the big game. Pretty smart of them, since my favorite buffalo chicken dip is usually a must-have at all the football watch parties I go to.

Now initially I thought Dunkin' was pulling a stunt but then hours later Frank's Red Hot confirmed that these donuts were being made in specific Miami locations. Here is Frank's Twitter response:

Do I think these are any good? I haven't had the pleasure of tasting them but I do like to put Frank's Red Hot on my sweet potato so I'm thinking sweet and spicy might not be as bad as it sounds.

What do you think? Would you like to try this? Maybe we don't put that s--- on everything anymore. I'll have to try this and find out. Since they were only available in those Miami locations, maybe I need to go grab a jelly donut and my bottle of Frank's.

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