I'm going to be honest - if I can stay in my sweats and shop from my couch while not having to look like a human, I'm gonna do it.

On the Michael Rock Show this morning, we read an article that said Cyber Monday was going to be the biggest shopping day of the year - up 16% from last year alone. My first thought was, "Well...DUH." I get there are still people who like to get out, go holiday shopping and those who actually enjoy standing in line to partake in Black Friday madness. I am not one of those people. Hand me my laptop, a blanket, and maybe some caffeine so I can really GO IN on some online deals. I'll get all my holiday gifts bought in under three hours.

Someone please tell me what is better than getting all your shopping done from home, getting it all delivered to your front door, and never, EVER having to deal with frantic shoppers who are going to exchange heated words over a blender. If more of us are shopping from our phones in a post-turkey haze, are there going to be less Black Friday deals in-store? Will Black Friday eventually just be a national day for everyone to sleep off their food comas? I think so.


But maybe we're in the minority who feel Black Friday isn't going to be a thing for much longer. Are you going to be out shopping at 1 a.m. this year?


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