Mother's Day is a joyous day for most Americans, but the holiday comes with heartache for too many who have lost their mother at a young age.  Maureen Hancock joined the Michael Rock show earlier this week to give readings to people who will spend this Mother's Day with their mom in heaven.

Maureen Hancock is a nationally renowned spirit medium. When she takes the stage for one of her Postcards From Heaven Shows, she combines an unexpected twist of comedy with the difficult topic of connecting with a loved one that has passed. This talent has earned her the nickname "The Comedian Medium".

With Mother's Day coming up on Sunday, we thought some people might want to get a reading from Maureen on the radio. Here are just a few of the calls that Maureen Hancock took on the Michael Rock Show.  It's pretty incredible how accurate Maureen can be with callers.  She'll often pull things out of thin air that no one other than the caller and his/her mother would know.  You can find out more about Maurren Hancock and her upcoming local shows on her website:

We have asked Maureen to return the week before Father's Day to do similar readings for people who have lost their dads.

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