Apparently, Warwick Public Schools haven't been funded properly, or they are just mismanaging their money.

These cuts mean no funding for sports, after-school programs, and even books. Can you imagine?

It appears lots of schools across the country are having to make cuts such as these to keep the doors open. The school committee plans to sue the city council for the almost $8 million shortfall in funding to the school system.

I'm trying to imagine my educational journey without drama club, chorus, band, or the debate club. Those things kept me out of trouble.

It doesn't just stop with cuts to clubs and sports. They will be cutting the funding around continued training for the teachers and teacher assistants. There were plenty of students at the meeting that voiced their concerns and are now picketing to make some budget changes to bring back these programs.

My personal opinion: these programs were crucial and just as important to my education as the teachings that went on in the classroom. These programs are what shaped me and helped build my confidence. I believe it to be a necessity in education, not something you can just throw away.

What do you think about this? Has a program cut in your school district taken place?

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