Checking your Webster Bank account and not seeing what you thought you would? We've got some answers.

Webster Bank tweeted out to account holders that they are experiencing 'processing delays' that are preventing customers from seeing their bank balances.

Meaning if you thought your check was getting deposited may not appear that way when you check your balance.

Probably not the best for those looking to pay end of the month bills or head out for some weekend fun.

Their tweet went on to say that the processing delay will cause many customers to not see accurate bank balances until later today (though no exact time was given) and that they are working to correct the issue as quickly as possible.

No details on what may be causing the delay was given, but the bank did apologize for the inconvenience to customers.

Hopefully this gets back on track according to their time line, so people's weekend plans aren't completely thrown off track.

If you do have a Webster Bank account that is being affected by this 'processing delay' try to have patience with the company as they continue to work on the problem.

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