If you swung by the Target in Dartmouth this past weekend, then you have probably seen the work that is underway. Here's why I'm dreading it.

Change is coming to Target. You probably noticed the bathroom trailer outside the Dartmouth Target. Well, that is just the tip of the reconstruction iceberg.

Kasey Silvia/TSM
Kasey Silvia/Townsquare Media

I used to go to the Target by the Warwick Mall all the time when in Rhode Island. Used to go.

About a year or so ago, that Target underwent a massive reconstruction. They redid everything in the store, moved everything around, created a whole new layout and made my Target run the most confusing thing ever.

I really didn't like the new store design. The aisles weren't the typically structured rows and for whatever reason, I found that so difficult to figure out.

It felt like Target was trying to hide the things I was looking for so I had to do more walking around and therefore run into other things I didn't need but couldn't help buying (you know how those Target runs go).

I thought by foregoing this former Target run location, I could leave the confusion behind me. Now it seems the change is inevitable.

Personally I don't know why Target is redoing all of its stores. I'm sure there is a purpose and maybe there is even some sort of research to show the new setup is better for shoppers.

But for this shopper, I felt plain, old lost.

Admittedly I do not like change. I like knowing where my favorite things are in the store, grabbing them when I need them and heading back home.

Don't get me wrong, I know I will adjust to the new setup. I know I will wander the new aisles as they arrive and slowly but surely figure out once again where all my favorite things are located.

I will apparently just whine about it first.

Although I can totally admit that those trailer bathrooms are pretty nice inside.

Kasey Silvia/TSM
Kasey Silvia/Townsquare Media
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