It's true: Walmart really does sell everything, including canned Dragon Meat.

When I first discovered this odd product, oblivious to the fact that dragons do not exist to begin with, I immediately searched for the nutrition guide, the ingredients, or pretty much anything with information as to what this even is and why is Walmart of all places selling it. Needless to say, I was not disappointed:

DEATH FOR DINNER [Product Description]-

  • The most dangerously delicious meat on Earth
  • Pre-cooked for instant victory feasting
  • Red dragon meat is the tastiest and most tender

Product Specifications-

  • One can of delicious, slightly charred dragon meat
  • From the Sisters of Radiant Farms, Scotland branch
  • One can contains 100% of your daily value of havoc, terror, inferno, destruction, magic, and rage
  • Also contains trace amounts of poetry and ballet
  • Note: Dragon meat is precooked for instant victory feasts
  • Dimensions: 4" diameter

Now, all that sounds grand and dandy, but are you ready for the truth?

For anyone who might have believed this was actually real, well, you're partially right. It's a real product sold by Walmart, however this is not an actual food item and is non-edible (sorry to disappoint).


There's a stuffed toy dragon head inside the can and it's used for make-believe playtime.

You can get Dragon Meat for a cool $28.99 on Walmart's website, but unfortunately, it's sold out as of right now.

What a bummer.

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