Oh, politics, how I have such a love/hate relationship with you.

I went to Westport Schools where they taught us nothing about politics when I was a kid. To be honest, it's a good thing and it's a bad thing. It's good because I can admittedly say that I know nothing about it and just keep myself out of it, but bad at the same time, because I'm uneducated on the matter.

Now, I know what you're going to say: "read a book" or "Google politics." I'm just quite all set with it all. Not to sound un-American, but politics today are more of a dumpster fire than anything.

However, this does not mean I don't do my civic duty as an American. I step up to the plate when needed and did what I had to do to get my voice heard.

When it comes to 2020, almost anything is possible, even voting from the comfort of your own home.

My family chose to opt out of going to the polls and had our ballets sent to our Westport residence. Each one of us – my father, my mother, my brother and myself – received a ballot in the mail and sealed it up to be sent out.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Here's where it gets good – the whole process took a solid minute and a half from the time I opened up my ballot to fill out to the time I resealed it and sent it on its way. Not for nothing, but it doesn't get any better than that. If you know who you're voting for and you know what you are for and against, then that's all you need.

Think about it, there's no more driving to the poll, waiting in an awfully long line for God knows how long, especially this year with the six-foot socially distanced rule. You don't have to worry about coming in contact with anyone who could possibly be carrying the coronavirus. Finally, and this is the honest truth, you can vote in your pajamas. You're in the comfort of your own home, so take advantage of the little things.

It's a thumbs up for me when it comes to mail-in ballots. Of course, there's always going to be someone out there who's against it, but that's the whole game with politics and the freedom of speech and opinions.

We all have a voice, so whether you're voting by mail or at the polls, it's important to do our duty as American citizens by voting. Listen, if I can vote, you can, too.


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