We weren't really sure what to expect when we put up a Facebook post asking for pics of Fun 107's cutest couples. Just in time for Valentine's Day, we received nearly 1,000 entries. We have painstakingly narrowed them down to some of our favorites.

I guess you could say we are suckers for love that has stood the test of time. Many of our finalists have been married for decades, and through thick and thin, sickness and in health, they have been there for one another.

This melts our hearts, and we know it will melt yours, too. Take a look at just a few of the great couples that entered to be Fun 107's Cutest Couple.

Initially, we weren't intending on awarding a prize, we were doing this just for fun. After seeing the level of love on display in these photos, however, we decided we'd send the winning couple out for dinner on us.

So take a look: which of these couples gives you faith that there really, truly is REAL LOVE in the world? Place your vote and you could be sending your favorite couple out for some dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

Check out the photo gallery below to see the enlarged photos, and then vote in the poll underneath it. We'll announce the Cutest Couple Valentine's morning on the Rock and Fox Show.

SouthCoast's Cutest Couple


  • Peter and Shirley Sarantakis, Married 60 Years

    Married 60 Years

    Peter and Shirley Sarantakis

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  • Ron and Eleanor Horton, Married 53 Years

    Married 53 Years

    Ron and Eleanor Horton

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  • Ken and Pauline Medeiros, Married 60 Years

    Married 60 Years

    Ken and Pauline Medeiros

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  • O&3039;Neal and Sue Bacon, Married 65 Years

    Married 65 Years

    O'Neal and Sue Bacon

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  • Anna and Stanley, Married 71 Years

    Married 71 Years

    Anna and Stanley

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  • Adrien and Blanche Coderre, Married 69 Years

    Married 69 Years

    Adrien and Blanche Coderre

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  • Antonio and Conceicao Saraiva, Married 60 Years

    Married 60 Years

    Antonio and Conceicao Saraiva

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  • Al and Renie Cournoyer, Married 50 Years

    Married 50 Years

    Al and Renie Cournoyer

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  • Mike and Norma Ferreira, Married 49 Years

    Married 49 Years

    Mike and Norma Ferreira

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  • Rosa and Elio Vieira, Married 32 Years

    Married 32 Years

    Rosa and Elio Vieira

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