Stacey Yepes was told that the tingly sensation in her face was merely due to stress, but a selfie video she took, told her otherwise.

UHN Toronto/YouTube

After her face went numb for the third time in just a few days, the 49-year old Canadian woman filmed a video of herself and of what was happening to her.

She took the video to a Toronto hospital and it was diagnosed as a mini stroke.

This selfie definitely helped this woman's diagnosis. One doctor says that time is of the utmost importance when it comes to a stroke and this woman was lucky. "Don't waste time on a video, just call 911," the doctor says.

The American Stroke Association advises people to keep an eye out for the signs of a stroke by using FAST: face drooping, arm weakness, speech slurring, and time (as in don't waste it!).

Yepes is now on cholesterol-lowering medication and blood-thinners and hasn't had a mini-stroke since.

Who knows what would have happened if she didn't take that selfie video!  This is one time where selfies are more helpful than they are annoying.