Victoria's Secret is mostly known for their beautiful, well-made, somewhat pricey lingerie.

However, they do carry other lines of apparel, like their bathing suit collection, panties and bras, makeup, shoes, and a clothing line.

Well, one of them is not for much longer.  E! Online has announced that Victoria's Secret will be doing away with most of their clothing line.  Some of the items we won't be seeing any longer are outerwear, denim and some dresses. The 'Pink' collection is not being affected in this cut, and neither is intimates or lingerie.

I always wondered why their clothes were offered in the catalog and online, but never in the stores?  I always liked the clothes in the catalog, but since they were never available in stores (except for the PINK collection), I never had the chance to try them on, and didn't want to guess at my size, end up being wrong, and having to send it back.  I know at least for me, I would have bought their clothes if they were made available in stores...maybe I'm not the only one?


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