Alicia Keys might be on fire right now but there's a songwriter looking to extinguish her flame. Roger Friedman of is reporting that veteran composer Earl Shuman is considering filing a lawsuit against the R&B singer for her song 'Girl on Fire.'

You see, on the song, Keys sings the line, "Nobody knows that she's a lonely girl / And it's a lonely world." That same line can also be heard on singer Eddie Holman's 1970 hit 'Hey There Lonely Girl,' which was penned by Shuman.

Although the line is only two seconds long, in the legal world of music -- that's a sample. Although Shuman likes Keys' tune, he, along with the estate of his co-writer Leon Carr, wants to be compensated and credited on the song.

So what can Keys do to make it all better? Pay him or else! "Earl Shuman has a good lawyer, and he’s on the case," warns Friedman. Keys nor her attorney has yet to comment on the matter.

We don't know how much money Shuman and his parties can get with a two-second sample, but we are quite sure his lawyers can come up with a reasonable figure.

Shuman did acknowledge that both the Beastie Boys and Anita Baker have sampled 'Hey There Lonely Girl' in the past and have agreed to give him proper credit on their songs.

Hopefully, Keys and Shuman can resolve this issue and not have to drag this into a courtroom.

Watch the Alicia Keys 'Girl on Fire' Video

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