Alicia Keys has been staying true to herself ever since her career took off almost two decades ago. As powerful as her voice is, in her new song "Underdog" she confronts the doubts she has had both as a woman and as an artist.

Alicia, who by the way is a 15-time Grammy award winner, has been recently tasked with doing a Prince tribute at the Grammy Awards Ceremony happening on January 28. She will do it alongside John Legend and Usher.

Ms. Keys has always had an amazing message with all of her music and she had this to say recently about the music she is releasing these days:

“I definitely have been on a personal mission to connect with the different sides of myself,” she said. “There are so many pieces that make us who we are, and the rage and the anger are just as important as the resolution and the solution. The crazy is just as important as the rational. All of these parts are inside of us, and we deserve to be able to understand them and get to know them better.”

Give a listen to "Underdog" and see how much that message resonates in her new music:

Maybe it's just me, but Alicia's voice will forever be a favorite of mine. She can sing the alphabet and I'd love it. I don't get to pick what we add to the Fun 107 playlist however, you do. So what do you think? Wicked good or totally whack?

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