You might think it's magical living next door to the New Hampshire Ice Castles, but this woman says it's a nightmare come spring.

The ice castle season has just gotten underway in New Hampshire but one neighbor is already thinking of when it all goes away.

New Hampshire Public Radio first reported the story about what Trinkle says was 15,500 gallons of water in her home.

They spoke with Trinkle and her lawyer and showed video of the flood gates opening into her basement, but a lawyer for the ice castles says it wasn't them.

The company is disputing her claim saying in mid-April when the footage of the flooding was taken, their ice castles were still "largely in ice form." They say there is no way they made that much water that quickly.

They place the blame with a watershed in the area that would have directed more water towards Trinkle's property due to a reconstructed culvert.

Honestly, I don't know what much of that means, but the ice castles aren't taking the blame on this and the town of North Woodstock is siding with them.

Trinkle seems to think there is a cover-up for the ice castles happening and claims to have all the footage she needs to prove it was them.

She's suing for $100,000 in damages.

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