I've noticed the trend of 'vanity sizing' in the past, but never put much thought into it until recently.

Good ol' vanity sizing, if you aren't familiar, it's when clothing stores put a smaller size label on items (or bigger size depending on what you're buying) to make you psychologically think you wear a smaller size than what you really wear, therefore, making it more likely for you spend more money. It's a mind trick really.

As you know, no two stores are the same when it comes to sizing...that's not necessarily 'vanity sizing', that's just a difference in stores, and that's ok I guess. I've noticed this is more common with pricier clothing stores. For example, I typically buy size 8 pants and a medium shirt. In stores that vanity size, I'd find the same exact pants and shirt except that they would be labeled '6' and 'Small'. The idea is that I will think I fit into a smaller size at that store, feel better about myself and spend more money there.

Recently, I discovered another kind of vanity sizing...one that I was completely unaware of. I was out shopping for bras, and thought, 'Hey, I've lost a little weight, maybe I should get resized.' I did just that, and got the complete opposite result of what I was expecting. The woman at the store told me I should be wearing 2 sizes bigger than I was. That's impossible. I'm a grown woman, who's been wearing the same size under-thingies for at least the past 12 years or so. I didn't have a magical growth spurt. So sure enough, she brought me the bra that was two sizes bigger and it fit. Perfectly.

I looked at myself in the mirror and was just like no way...this is wrong. This thing is labeled wrong or they changed their sizing or something. I know what I wear and I'm totally comfortable with that. I felt like I was being tricked and I didn't like that. I felt like they thought I wouldn't be buying bras there unless they told me I was a bigger size than I really am. Also, when I went to look at the price of the 'new' bra, sure enough, it was more money. Then I picked out one with lace and designs on it, and it was double the price!

See? Vanity sizing can work either way, to make a woman feel smaller or bigger according to what society says, and it's nonsense either way. Here's what you do. Love yourself the way you are, go buy things that you like, and who cares about the size! Cut the tag out if you have to! I'm still the same person on the inside whether I'm wearing a 6, an 8 or a 12, or a Small, Medium or Large. It doesn't matter. Do what makes you feel good and wear what makes you happy.