A lot happened this year and not surprisingly, we weren't able to predict much of it. Here's how life compared to what we thought would happen one year ago.

  • Acushnet Creamery will expand to a 3rd location NAH, but it did expand our waistlines. Amiright?!
  • Downtown New Bedford will see it's biggest business boom ever but still have parking problems. Nope, but maybe we'll see a surge of new business in 2018- you hear that Noodle Bowl?!
  • No Problemo will finally accept credit/debit cards NAH.
  • The Lebanese Kitchen will finally open DOUBLE NAH
  • The state will find a reason to shut down the Braga Bridge's newly re-opened 6 lanes. Nope, the drivers find their own reasons to cause lane closures each day.
  • The busty Seagull Cinderella will make a triumphant return to 18th and Elm, hopefully with a friend  #girlgang She didn't; she was replaced with a gender neutral bird who didn't cause a commotion.
  • The Feast will book a band NOT made popular by the 1990's. Little MIss was way wrong on this one, the Spin Doctors hit peak greatness the 90s.
  • Trader Joe's will finally come to New Bedford, thanks in part to everyone's Facebook petition here. Nope. Nada -but Market Basket came to Fall River and people love that.
  • Chick-fil-A will open somewhere on Route 6 in Dartmouth Nope, never gonna happen. 
  • Fall River will get rid of the Purple trash bag program Nope,
  • Tipsy Seagull expands to a neighboring barge for extra floaty-fun. Sort of?  The owners DO have some plans for expansion on dry land so hopefully we have that to look forward to in 2018.
  • The Dartmouth Viking will not live to see another Christmas. We should just set him on fire and push him out to sea before the weather takes hold of him. Guys- he is still standing- not as tall, it seems, but he is still keeping watch over Route 6.
  • Schools will close for one entire week because of horrendous snow plowing efforts. No- but schools WERE cancelled very unexpectedly in the fall when we were pummeled with tropical storms and electricity couldn't be restored fast enough.
  • Mayor Jasiel Correia will be re-elected in the city of Fall River Totes happened.
  • Mayor John Mitchell will run unopposed in New Bedford No, Charlie Perry gave him a run for his money but Mayor Mitchell still won.
  • Sherrif Hodgeson will run for US Senate. Nah
  • Former mayor Scott Lang will run for Congress Nah.
  • Mary Lou's Coffee will open up in Fall River. Nope - but Starbucks did so that's cool!

In summary, we stink at predicting anything but that won't stop us from making another list for 2018.

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