Candy corn is delicious. Yeah, I said it.

There's just something about those sugary little morsels that bring absolute bliss to my mouth. I love them, every last piece.

My taste buds encounter a roller coaster ride of emotions as each tri-colored solidified piece of sugar gets popped one after the other, slowly melting around my molars and clasping onto the roof of my mouth.

There's absolutely no comparison to having a handful of candy corn, as opposed to a hand full of nougat or chocolate. There's no sabotage in candy corn's game, no melting, no mess. I'm pretty sure I can't say the same about a 3 Musketeers.

Candy corn, as unpopular of a candy as it may be, is freakin' delicious.

I love everything about it, right down the smooth edges of its cone-shaped body. I love the texture as it mashes between my teeth and the instant gratification it gives me after each one is consumed. I love the colorful arrangement and the contrast between the yellow, the orange and the white tip.

No complaints here.

Spare me the candy apple or blackberry flavors, I'm an OG who enjoys the original flavor. Needless to say, I'm not trying to get fancy with my candy corn. Plain and simple, that's what I always say.

As a kid, I would enjoy trick-or-treating on Halloween for the sole purpose of those legendary households who pass out candy corn. To those people, I applaud your candy selection to be passed out to the masses of children who will eventually stop by your house for a sweet treat like no other.

For all the haters out there who think candy corn is disgusting, well, I say shame on you. Candy corn is the underdog of the candy industry, and I'm here to keep it in business.

Candy corn FOR LIFE!


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