I saw these Underoos at Bed Bath and Beyond last night and I think I might need a pair.

I remember opening my first pair of Underoos when I was about 5 or 6 years old.  It's going to sound crazy weird, but I clearly remember the way the Underoos smelled coming out of the packaging. My first Underoos were a pair of Superman....and I'll tell you I turned into the man of steel when I put them on. I thought I could fly.

Seeing the Underoos at Bed, Bath and Beyond surprised me, but it also surprised me to see that the cartoon themed underwear was meant for adult men. They had small, medium and large sized Underoos for men.

Gazelle asked me who I'd wear the Underoos for?  Would I be wearing these for my wife? I was surprised at the question. When a woman wears her lacy Victoria's Secret underwear...who is SHE wearing it for?  I would think she is wearing it for herself.

I say ignore the haters!  Pick up these Star Wars themed Underoos and be 5 years old again!  I can't be the only guy who kind of wants these...or they wouldn't be for sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Has anyone bought these things, yet?


Additional Reporting By Abigail Pelissier


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