Nearly 100 nursing students from UMASS Dartmouth plan to study homelessness by building a 'cardboard village' on the campus quad this week.

This Wednesday, September 26th, over 100 College of Nursing seniors along with Dean Kimberly Christopher and Assistant Dean Karen Barnett will be spending the night not in campus dorms, but outside on the quad in cardboard boxes with a single blanket.

The 'cardboard village' will be set up outside the Claire T Carney Library and aims to give participants (and others) a glimpse into the experience of homelessness.

Prior to spending the night on the quad, students will be discussing the effect homelessness has on a community as well as mental health, maternity and pediatric nursing.

That discussion event will be open to the public from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

During that time students are also collecting non-perishable items and men's and women's sport socks for donation to Arnie's cupboard, the university's food pantry and local shelters.

In a release about the upcoming event, Assistant Professor of Community Nursing Maryellen Brisbois said,

Nurses are well poised to help combat homelessness. By understanding that people are not in their situation by choice, we can provide holistic care without bias and provide support and education to improve their lives and work toward social change.

You can help these senior students learn about this care and support at the 'cardboard village' event on Wednesday night.


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