As if millennials didn't hate him enough already, now President Trump could be messing with their avocados.

President Trump has been threatening to shut down our Southern border and the results could affect more than just illegal immigration.

Mexico is the world's largest supplier of avocados, so no open border means no delicious berries for the millions who love them. (Yes, avocados are technically a berry)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says 40% of our avocados come from Mexico and if you've ever bought an avocado, you know how hard they are to come by already.

Not to mention how quickly they go soft and become unedible.

If we have to start scrounging for avocados because the border is closed and trade is disrupted, the avocado selection at the market is going to get

But it's not all about millennials not getting their avocado toast in the morning.

Closing the border could really have a terrible impact on both our economy and Mexico's.

Not to mention that skyrocketing produce prices on many items.

It doesn't sound like a good move to me, but I'm not an economist or a politician so what do I know.

We'll see what happens on Friday when President Trump's border closure could go into affect.

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