A rash of turquoise rental bicycles have begun to appear here on the Southcoast.  It seems that with each passing week, more and more of these eye-catching bikes are popping up in touristy locations.

My curiosity finally got the best of me over the weekend, and I decided to check them out.  The bicycles are owned by a company called VeoRide.

VeoRide lists the rental cost of a bicycle as .50 cents for every 15 minutes.  Our favorite part is that you don't have to return the bike to its original location.  Simply lock the bike on ANY bike rack, and VeoRide takes care of the rest!  Riders will be charged only for the time that the bike is unlocked.

To rent the bikes it's four simple steps starting at 50 cents per fifteen minutes. Just download the VeoRide app, reserve your bike, unlock it via app, and return it at any location.

We liked the general idea of the ride-sharing, but thought the color could have been more neutral.  We understand that while turquoise is an outstanding color for marketing and branding purposes, the color black might be more appealing to some men.  However, we did have two fishermen call us this morning to let us know that they both had rented a couple of the flamboyant colored bicycles while they were in port and enjoyed every moment of it.


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