Tonight, FOX will play host, once again, to the MLB's annual All-Star game, starting at 7:30 pm. While Minnesota will surely be a place filled with memories for everyone involved in the game, it will be extra special for one man. Tonight marks New York Yankees' captain Derek Jeter's 14th trip to the midsummer classic. It also marks what will be his final trip, as he will retire at season's end. With that being the case, tonight's star-studded game will be one in which Jeter will be especially recognized, just like he has been during many stops through the first half of the season.

Part of the plan to honor the consummate  professional is for FOX to run a 90 second  Nike, Jumpman ad created by Wieden + Kennedy New York, which honors Jeter. The ad starts with Jeter digging into the batter's box in his usual way. When he tugs his helmet towards Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester, the pitcher offers his respect with a tip of his cap.

That move then sets off a parade of hat tipping festivities as a barrage of caps get nodded in Jeter's direction by not only Yankees fans but other surprising faces as well. Along with the fans we'd all expect to see showing respect to Jeter, many famous faces pop up.

Among the people pictured are Jeter's family, his former manager, Joe Torre, former teammates, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and Tino Martinez, rapper Jay-Z, director Spike Lee, comedian Billy Crystal, Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, NBA star Carmelo Anthony, NBA power couple Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss, Tiger Woods and the face of Jumpman himself, Michael Jordan.

Also, a group of NYC police officers are pictured, nodding to the captain. Finally, in probably the most glaring images of all, a couple of Red Sox fans and New York Mets players, along with their mascot Mr. Met, acknowledge Jeter as well.

I have to say, the ad, which has the tagline of "RE2PECT," is just great. It definitely shows how important Jeter has been to not only New York but to baseball, in general, over the years. While he's spent his whole career on a rival team, I have always admired his professionalism and skill. Hats off to you, Captain. Farewell.