Hallelujah it is warming up! Most New Englanders feel like this was the winter that would never end. Today's temperature is between 77 and 80 degrees depending on where you are. Feels great.


SPC Cheese, Flickr

Just around the bend is bathing suit weather. If you haven't started a fitness routine to lose the winter pounds you may have put on and hidden underneath a sweater, we've come up with a list of fun activities that are big calorie burners. The best way to stay active is to find stuff that you like to do.  It becomes increasingly hard to do that in the winter when most people are confined to the gym. Stationary bikes are never as much fun as your beach cruiser or mountain bike.  So take advantage of the sun, soak up some rays, increase your vitamin D and enjoy the season!

  1. Take a walk (or jog for those inclined If you live on the Southcoast, some of the popular areas are Buttonwood Park, Fort Phoenix, The Fairhaven Bike Path or For Taber. Even if you are going around your own neighborhood, a brisk walk before, after, or during your work day can work wonders.
  2. Go for a Swim: Swimming will work every muscle in your body and it is so good for you. If you don't have a gym membership that has a pool, living on the water is a great place to be. Visit one of the local beaches and swim your little heart out):
  3. Ride your Bike: Oil up the chain, dust off the helmet and let your bike be a mode of transportation.  If you have a basket, even better. Instead of driving to the Cumberlands half a mile down the road, hop on your bike and grab that milk.
  4. Grab your friends for a game of outdoor (Insert sport): whether it's a game of b-ball or tennis, ask your buds to take it outside and get active together. 
  5. Sign up for an outdoor class: Lots of fitness instructors will be taking clients outside for Boot camp, Tai Chi or even Yoga. Take advantage of the new surroundings for a group class.

Here's a great site that will calculate your calorie burn according to time and body size. And if you have a smart phone, I recommend the totally free app "My Fitness Pal". You can log calories consumed and calories burned.