If you love a bargain, there isn't a bigger one than what you'll find at your favorite consignment and thrift shop.

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I found this great article at OnlyInYourState.com where they created a list of thrift shops that sell some of the coolest stuff from all over Massachusetts and here it is.


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    Wicked Thrift, West Dennis

    This shop is located at 416 Main Street in West Dennis. Everything the shop gets is from trading with customers so it gives their shoppers a taste of the quirky side of Cape Cod.

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    The Parson's Closet, Easthampton

    This shop is located at 116 Main Street in Easthampton. This thrift shop is located in the original parsonage of the Easthampton Congregational church. This store has everything from vintage decor to kitchenware and very reasonable prices.

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    Grime, Worcester

    This shop is located at 356 Shrewsbury St. in Worcester. Although it is a small shop customers will have no issue navigating their way through all the clothes, shoes, and accessories at the shop. And to add local flare some of the accessories at the shop are created by local artists!

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    2nd Time Around, Northampton

    This shop is located at 34 Pleasant St. in Northampton. If you're looking for designer clothes at discounted prices this is the place to go shopping! The shop carries both men and women's clothes, accessories, and shoes.

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    Boomerangs, Cambridge

    This shop is located at 563 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge. This is a great place to shop for a cause! All proceeds go to the AIDS action committee. It's nice to have your dollar make a difference.

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    Maria's Homegoods, Worcester

    This shop is located at 406 Chandler St. in Worcester. Maria's Homegoods carries lovely pieces of vintage furniture, jewelry, and accessories.

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    Boho Exchange, Great Barrington

    This shop is located at 252 Main Street in Great Barrington. This shop carries everything from modern to vintage pieces!

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    Global Thrift, Waltham

    This shop is located at 322 Moody St. in Waltham. The selection created by this store is wonderfully huge! Also, if you're feeling charitable, the shop offers a program where if you make a donation to the store they will reward you anything in the store marked with a special tag indicating that it's available.

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    Witch City Consignment & Thrift Store, Salem

    This spooky thrift shop is located at 301 Essex St. in Salem. You could spend an entire day just going through everything in the shop from vintage dresses to old farm tools.The prices are reasonable and on top of that the staff will negotiate on pieces you love if need be!

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    Oldie's Marketplace, Newburyport

    This shop is located at 27 Water St. in Newburyport. This is like walking into a large vintage barn. The consignment shop has a large selection of vintage decor, clothing, and tools!