Eating habits start at a very early age. As a parent, one must be very conscious, not only of the food options they present to their children, but also of their own meals.  You can't expect a kid to opt for broccoli when dad and mom are chowing down on potato chips.

eclectic_chica, Flickr

So it's back to school time. Healthy lunches don't have to be hard.  Making simple adjustments like opting for a whole grain bread as opposed to the white bread, or carrot sticks instead of chips can have a great effect. We've all seen what a kid hopped up on sugar looks like. Do you really want to do that to their school teacher? And then have them crash when the sugar high wears off? That can throw off their ability to stay focused for the second half of the day. Recess time is limited, so keeping insulin levels from spiking is the best way to avoid those energy bursts and crashes.

Looking for more healthy alternatives to send the kiddos off to school with? Click here. The ladies at Boutique Fitness have listed their suggestions for moms and dads in charge of nutrition this year.  Some yummy suggestions for parents too!