As a first-time parent the affect of daylight savings time on my baby is still a mystery to me, but they say it can be rough. So here are some tips for getting through the time change with your little one.

You know you're losing an hour of sleep this weekend, but your baby doesn't. So how can you make the time change a little easier on their sleep schedule?

1. Plan some exhausting activities for Saturday and Sunday

Keeping your baby occupied will help to tire them out that hour earlier. And fresh air doesn't hurt either! So with the weather pretty nice this weekend, try to get your bundle of joy out and about...even if that just means sitting outside in their stroller.

2. Make their room as dark as possible

With the time change, it'll be lighter later which could throw off how your child sleeps. To make them think it's still getting dark around their usual bedtime make sure their room is as dark as you can get it, with light blocked curtains and dim lighting.

3. Get them to bed earlier than usual

You can prepare for daylight savings by having your baby head to bed a few minutes earlier each night the week leading up to the time change. However if you (like me) did not think of this last weekend, you can still try the same "10 minutes earlier to bed" trick the week after the time change to be back on track in a few days.

4. Don't get them to bed earlier than usual

Want to try and get yourself an extra hour of sleep in the morning? The don't worry about getting your baby to bed early. Let your little one's sleep schedule play out this week and see if they aren't sleeping an hour later in the morning. A shift from 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. could be an awesome thing for you!

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