Spending a lot of time at home these days, yes, you can binge-watch everything. But what about having fun with the family around some of those old board games?

Come on, we all have to admit it's been a while since we sat and had a game night. It feels like forever ago I played Monopoly or one of the other classics. I think the last game I played with a group of friends was a couple of years ago and it was that popular game Cards Against Humanity.

Somewhere in the attic are all the old board games that brought so many of us laughs for hours. We now spend a lot of time playing games on our phones. While I know some of those games you can play with all your friends from school while they are at their houses, let's not forget the people we live with.

I had to go on Amazon and see what games they had that I remember playing when I was younger. Here are a few that I think every household should have while we sit in isolation. I only listed my Top 5 here, but I have at least a dozen more if you need more ideas, so just message me.

1. One of my favorites was Sorry! Although now I would call it Sorry, Not Sorry.

2. Or how ironic would it be to play the game of Life right now, when we're cooped up inside without one?

3. I definitely can't forget Candy Land.

4. Battleship was always fun but I would always try to sneak a peak to see where their ship was.

Finally, this one was my favorite. Although I ended up never winning. Guess Who?

If you have a game that I didn't mention here, do share. We all need to stay busy and out of trouble.

Now have fun and be safe. Most importantly, make sure you keep track of who is winning and don't be a sore loser like I was.

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