Paul Revere and Samuel Adams' time capsule uncovered at the Massachusetts State House last month was finally opened on Tuesday. 

Officials found the copper box in the cornerstone of the State House on Dec. 11 while they were doing work to fix a water leak. Since then, they X-rayed the box to figure out what was inside before they opened it in case there were items inside sensitive to air.

They confirmed it was originally placed by our old buddies Revere and Sam Adams way back in 1775. But, apparently was reopened in 1855 while they were doing emergency repairs to the building. They cleaned everything up, added a few more things, and set it back in the keystone for us all to discover today.

So what's in the box?

Not beer, that's for sure.

According to USA Today, there were a number of valuable coins that Adams and Revere threw in for good luck, documents, newspapers, and other memorabilia from the colonial days.

The coins are worth around $75,000, but they're not exactly up for sale. All the stuff will be held at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston for people to stop by and check out.