They say things happen in threes and today that is the case for celestial events.

I'm not sure what the exact chances of these three things happening on one day is, but I know it's pretty rare.

Today we celebrate the spring equinox, the start of the spring season and the day an egg can allegedly stand on one end.

But two other cool events will happen as well.

First will be the solar eclipse. In certain parts of the world people will see the sun blocked out by the moon as it passes across its orbit. Though we won't actually see it happen here on the Southcoast, you can watch it happen online if you'd  like at

What we will see however is another super moon. We've already had a few super moons this year and tonight the sky will seem brighter and the moon a bit bigger as we experience another one. (and if the clouds from the predicted snow don't block it out completely.)

So solar eclipse, super moon and the spring equinox are all happening in one day. A rare celestial event that may take decades to occur again and a reason people are calling today, Freaky Friday.