TikTok is a glorious rabbit hole of nonsense and useful information and I'm shamelessly addicted.

My algorithm has been spot-on lately from musical acts and artists to recipes and funny animal videos and everything between. However, the ones I look forward to the most are the relatable videos that are either local to the SouthCoast or well-known in New England.

For example, anything to do with Dunkin'.

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I just so happened to come across a TikTok of a raccoon who has a sweet tooth for donuts, specifically ones from Dunkin'. Little did TikTok user Samguptuppy know when she posted this video a few days ago that it would attract nearly 10 million views, more than 2 million likes and almost 19,000 comments.

@samguptuppy #Raccoon at #Dunkin ♬ original sound - Samantha Jane Guptil

First, does anyone else find it kind of strange that a raccoon was spotted casually occupying a drive-thru in broad daylight? I'm aware that these nocturnal creatures have a habit of eating sweet treats right from the garbage, but this little guy has standards for the good stuff.

Commenter KennEgg13 made a solid point:

Imagine your first day and they say 'so there’s this raccoon…'

There's no way this was a one-time occurrence. This boujee critter has done this before and the same goes for the Dunkin' employee. Whatever the case, I'm #teamraccoon and love that the critter is living its best life.

It's safe to say that raccoons also run on Dunkin'.

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