Before email and text messages took over and written communication became instant communication, there was this thing called a thank-you note.

Thank-you notes are a dying breed, but it's too bad. I always tell my kids, if you want to stick out, send a thank-you note. Don't text the thank you. Don't email it. Don't send it over Facebook Messenger. Mail it.

When I first started in the business, I'd send out thank-you notes almost daily.  I'd send thank-you notes to guests who appeared on my show, I'd send thank-you notes occasionally to listeners who had won contests, I'd send thank-you notes out to my sponsors.

Fun 107 Thank You Notes
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Regrettably, somewhere along the line, I fell out of that habit. I still do it occasionally, but nowhere near the volume that I used to do it. The truth is that even back then, my thank-you notes would really stand out. In 2020? Those notes stand out 10 times even more.

That's why I was so pumped when I got this thank-you note in the mail today from Eric Letendre's Dog Training School. You may have heard me talk about my puppy, Bo, getting trained at Eric's school. Not only was there an old-fashioned, handwritten note from Eric, but it was tucked into a box packed with Black Tie cookies. So classy! I picked out the M&M cookies (my favorite) and shared the rest with the staff at the station.

While it might be financially unfeasible to send cookies every time you send out a thank-you note, a personalized note means just as much.

I'm almost tempted to send a thank-you note for his thank-you note, but decided to end the cycle here.

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