I'm not a huge tech geek...I rarely pay attention to updates, really only get excited about mermaid emojis, but this new feature could be an actual life-saver. 

I've caught myself sometimes wondering what I would ever do if I ever found myself in a potentially dangerous situation. Probably even more so now than I did when I was a college kid traipsing around Boston at all hours of the night. I'm pretty scrappy, so I think I could hold my own if needed, but it's good to have a plan.

The new iOS update put mind at ease just a little bit more. With the new update, if you press the button on the right side of your phone 3 times rapidly, while its locked, it'll pull up an option to immediately dial 911. That means no fumbling with unlocking your phone, or doing it very obviously so you could do it without an attacker noticing.


Here's hoping you never have to use this feature but always best to know you have the options when you might really need them!

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