Back in September, I went up to Boston, didn't have any cash on me and blew right through a toll. Now, I have to pay for it.

I had never done that before, so I had no idea what would happen when I did. I figured I would get a bill in the mail for the price of the toll I owed, and maybe a small fee for not paying it. I was dead wrong. I got a bill the other day for the toll of $1.25 plus a fee of $50 for skipping out on paying the toll! Argh!! If only I had $1.25 on me that day, I would have avoided having to shell out an additional $50 for nothing! It's like I'm flushing $50 down the toilet, so frustrating!

Unfortunately, I went through another toll shortly after the first offense, on the Newport Bridge. My GPS was being wonky and instead of sending me back home the way I came, down West Main Road, it sent me over the Newport Bridge and I didn't realize it until it was too late. Well, what do you know... I didn't have $4.00 for the toll that day either. So I'm expecting another $50 fine for this one too.

Easy solution to this toll nonsense instead of throwing away $100? I'm getting an EZ PASS!!

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