Just in time for Lent, I've stumbled upon an absolute goldmine of a deal.

Fish and chips are among the most popular Friday dishes for Catholics, and every restaurant out there is looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. From English to beer-battered, everyone has their preference for fish and chips. I prefer my fish with some crunch to it.

Thanks to the power of Facebook, I was tagged in the comment section of a Sagamore restaurant's post and couldn't believe my eyes. The Whaleback Restaurant has been selling fish and chips for $9 for 18 years and refuses to change the price.

Despite ever-rising market prices of seafood and overall inflation, this Cape Cod restaurant is giving the people what they want: a lot of food for a low price.

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I spoke with Liz Taylor, one of the managers down at The Whaleback, who tells me the price is technically $9.63 with tax but it would be a clean $9 if the restaurant had its way.

Owner Stuart Coggshall believes in helping the little guys. Taylor said he's able to keep his costs down by buying from his fishermen friends and skipping the middleman.

"The fish is always fresh and never comes frozen," Taylor said. "He (Coggshall) loves his community and supporting the locals."

These days, the going rate for fish and chips is between $14-$18 on average, just about doubling The Whaleback's price. Also, this doesn't seem to be a "you get what you pay for" situation. This dish is massive and has been a crowd-pleaser since 2004.

Ready for the best part? I suppose it depends on where you're coming from, but The Whaleback is only 35 minutes from New Bedford. If you're comfortable driving to Providence or Boston, which is an even longer commute, then this should be a walk in the park.

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