I've lived on the SouthCoast for more than 25 years. While I'm not originally from here, I feel like I'm more from here now than my hometown.

The SouthCoast is its own entity. We've talked about it a million times. While much of the SouthCoast can receive Providence television stations in our homes, we are definitely not a part of Providence or Rhode Island.

The same can be said for Boston  Parts of the SouthCoast, namely the towns in Plymouth County, receive Boston television stations on their cable package, but we are certainly not part of the Boston Metro.

This is why the SouthCoast has its own little subculture going on down in this tucked-away section of the state.  We have our own way of preparing foods, of pronouncing names and of living our lives.

We thought it would be fun to ask people from the SouthCoast to name some things that annoy them. The funny thing is that many of these annoying things would only be annoying to people who live here. Many of these annoying things to us might go unnoticed by people from other parts of the country or even other parts of Massachusetts. They wouldn't bat an eye.

We turned it over to our audience on Facebook, and as you might expect, they didn't hold back from telling us all about the things that annoy people who were born and bred on the SouthCoast.

Take a look at our list below.  How many of these do you agree are annoying?

Things that Annoy People from the SouthCoast

We asked you what annoys people from the SouthCoast, and you let it rip.

The SouthCoast's Biggest Driving Pet Peeves

What annoys SouthCoast drivers the most? We asked SouthCoast residents to tell us their biggest driving pet peeves, and we could not agree more. Take notes, Massachusetts drivers!

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