Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you'll ever do...and that is true for both the Bride and the Groom, (but I think more the Bride ;) ).  There are things that will happen, things that will stress you out, that you just aren't prepared for because if this is your first wedding, you've never done this before!  Totally understandable.

Being a recent bride myself, I know there were things that happened that no one told me could happen, some of them stressed me out, some of them irritated me, and some of them, I just let happen, cause I was just out of cares to's some of them and here's how to deal with them:

Budget:  There's a very good chance that some last minute things to pay for are going to make their way into your life a few days before the wedding.  Just when you think you are done, surprise! you're not.  It stinks, it's stressful, it happens to all of us, there's just so many things, they all adds up, whether its tips for vendors, or a final payment on something you forgot about, or stamps....ugh, stamps...that was something I kept forgetting to add into the budget, and they add up quick!  Just do the best you can, try not to stress.

Emotions:  You may get emotional on your wedding day during a part where you thought, no way, I'll be fine!  Even leading up to the wedding, it's all a bunch of events that are full of emotions, happy, excited, nervous, you name it!  Pack some tissues and waterproof mascara just in case.  I'll tell you, the opposite happened to me!  I thought for sure, I'd cry multiple times during my wedding....I'm a cryer!  Nope....didn't even cry once!  I was shocked!  I think it was just such a great day, my happy emotions took over!  See?  You never can predict your emotions on such a huge day in your life!

RSVP Drama:  Unless you have a wedding with only 2 guests attending, you're probably going to have to deal with RSVP drama.  That's when guests "forget" or just plain don't send back their RSVP card, making it impossible for you to do a seating chart and give head counts to vendors...therefore, stressing you out.  It happens at every wedding, and I know that was one of the most ANNOYING things to deal with with my wedding.  Even my Dad RSVP'd 18 days late!  Thankfully, I knew he was coming for sure...but I still wanted the RSVP!!  I didn't send it just for fun you know?!  Your best bet?  Send those suckers out early, but not too early, cause then people lose em, but I'd say about a month or so before the wedding.  Here is a trick I did...I wanted the RSVP's for like June 6th, but since I thought I'd have this annoying RSVP issue, I put "June 1st"....and even 5 days before my wedding, I still had people saying "I don't know"....if you "don't know" that late in the game, it's a no, sorry!  The best you can do with the RSVP stuff is just keep on top of people and remind them that they need to send the card (that you pre-stamped for them btw!) back!  If it gets too late in the game, don't let it stress you, just move on and that's the best you can do!  :)

My own personal thing that happened that I did not expect:  I completely forgot to do "bride only photos" that I had planned with my photographer on my wedding day.  I was a little bummed, and can't believe I forgot, but I was so busy with my day, that I did.  I just accepted it and moved on.  I had plenty of people that took great pics!