A large percentage of children in middle and high schools across the state are vaping.Should parents be worried? Is it an epidemic?

This past September at my son's high school orientation Parent's Night, the principal and the faculty brought us up to speed on what they feel is a real problem amongst teenagers today: vaping.

The faculty took part in a learning workshop over the summer on just how damaging and unhealthy vaping really is. Mood disorders, cancer-causing chemicals being inhaled into the body along with addition and learning issues are just some of what the research is showing. And with those findings, they put new, stricter guidelines and policies in place with zero tolerance when it comes to vaping in school or on school property.

Phew, thank God, I said to myself.

Vaping 2

But sadly, kids are still vaping in school and on school property regardless of their zero-tolerance policy. Some get caught and some don't.

Do you feel more can and should be done to not only prevent kids vaping in school but also to lessen their desire to even start vaping? Take our poll to weigh in.




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