Do you just want your wedding to look pretty or are you all for a full-on theme?

So, I know every wedding has certain colors. There's a certain vibe the bride and groom definitely want, but what about a full-on theme?

I think it's a fun little twist to make your wedding different and stand out. Now, don't get me wrong, this can definitely go a little too far and be a terrible thing, too. Those Harry Potter weddings come to mind.

My upcoming wedding definitely has a theme. We're both pretty into old Hollywood stuff. So naturally, we wasted no time naming that our wedding theme. We were quite literally on the plane the day after getting engaged and both agreed, "Yup, Old Hollywood Wedding."

Our idea is to basically have the whole wedding seem like a movie premiere. We have a movie poster already made. We're going to have the whole place decked out and decorated that way. Oh, and obviously it's a black tie event! We can't have a movie premiere with everyone just coming in regular attire. Folks need to be dolled up!

So what do you think? Would you rather a wedding with a theme or just a regular wedding set the way you like it?

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