Peloton is catching a lot of heat online for its new holiday ad.

Critics note that the wife and mother at the heart of the ad is already plenty trim when her husband gives her the high-end stationary bike as a Christmas gift. Folks online have questioned why she's pushing herself to ride and vlog everyday for months and what she's accomplished by the time fall rolls around.

There also are plenty of complaints about body-shaming, male dominance, and snobbery in a commercial that focuses on a $2,000 dollar exercise bike in a million-dollar home.

I say, wow, is this for real?

This morning on the show we were talking about this and my take is that a sweet husband surprises his wife on Christmas morning with a brand new Peloton exercise bike. I've watched it and don't understand why there are so many people are attacking the marketing folks at Peloton.

I mean, seriously?

People are saying that the wife is too thin to be worry about exercise and losing weight. That the husband angle is degrading because it assumes he got her the bike to lose weight or keep weight off. Then there are some saying she mentions she is working out six days a week and that's excessive.

I say, SO WHAT? Oh my god people, please calm down.  It's an ad written and produced by the Peloton group that tells the story of a woman who is a busy working mom that probably doesn't have enough time in her day or week to actually get to a gym. The husband, knowing that she is missing her workout, decides the best gift he could give his wife is the gift of exercise doing her favorite type of workout, in her own home.

Are you kidding? What wife wouldn't LOVE this? I know I would. Everybody needs to calm down about this commercial. Yikes.

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