Should network show promos really run whenever?

Dear CBS,

I totally understand wanting to promote your new shows, but perhaps you could think a little harder about where and when you promote some of them.

While watching the Patriots game with my husband and kids on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I was more than a little surprised to see a commercial for your new horror drama series Evil.

The show is meant to be terrifying for adults to watch and is appropriately scheduled for 10 p.m. at night.

And maybe your ads for it should have a late night schedule as well.

As soon as the commercial started, I was diverting my kids' attention from the television and trying to change the channel as fast as I could.

There was some seriously creepy imagery in there that was not at all cool for a four-year-old to see so close to bedtime. And that's exactly when you were showing this ad.

Sure, it was a football game and demographically, mostly adult men watch football.

But isn't it trying to be a family sport? Don't plenty of families watch these games together?

Well that's exactly what my family was doing and I really didn't appreciate the creepy ad coming out of nowhere.

Luckily, my daughter didn't seem to notice my panic, but what if I hadn't been in the room?

What if I was getting a snack, using the bathroom or any number of things I could have gotten up to do during a commercial break?

Should I have to police the commercials during an early evening football game on national television?

I'd like to think not. I'd like to think a network such as yours could be a little more aware of your possible audience and make smarter decisions.

Just one mom's opinion over here, take it or leave it.

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