Ty Cortes is a 13-year old eighth grader at Normandin Junior High. He's spent the past three years booking trips back and forth from Los Angeles as he and his father try to break him into acting.

"It's not easy. No one ever said it would be," Ty's dad, Javier Cortes, said. "He's still in his starting phase. He's done a couple of commercials. He did a commercial for Comcast Xfinity." Cortes told Fun 107 that Comcast has plans to air the commercial during the Super Bowl in February.

Ty just finished up working in a short film called The Faceless Man, and has appeared in a recent Bank of America commercial.

In addition to his work as an actor, Ty has been working with his dad to create music. "I write the music, and Ty writes the lyrics," Javier said.

Just like every other family on the SouthCoast, the Cortes family had some extra time on their hands during the pandemic, so they wrote a song about just that: hands.

The song couldn't be more timely. It's called "Wash Your Hands."

Wash your hands, yo.  Wash your hands.  Wash your hands, yo.  Wash your hands.

Wash 'em, wash em', wash em'.

Won't you grab a bar of soap, clean your hands 20 seconds.

Stop contamination on your food and from spreading it.

Practice what you preach, if you don't than you risk it all.  Feeling getting sick? Social distance, I'm just sayin' y'all.

Ty (who goes by Tyco in his music career) put together another music video last year with his dad, Javier. It's about the hard work that goes into trying to break into the entertainment industry.

New Bedford and L.A. were both used as a backdrop to the video with many recognizable settings, including the New Bedford Airport.

Ty and his dad will head back to L.A. next month to do more voiceover and acting work.

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