It was an interesting day to release new music but The Weeknd dropped a song the night before Thanksgiving. If you happened to open Spotify over the holiday, you definitely already know and have heard his new song.

There is lots of speculation around the song and its title. The Weeknd has had his share of high profile relationships. Including one with Selena Gomez. While I won't get into too much detail on this short-lived yet very public relationship, I will point out that there is another song title that has been thrown out there called "Like Selena."

While I want to say I like the song, I have to admit it took me a few listens. At first, it sounds like all the other Weeknd songs we have gotten. If you haven't heard it yet, here is the lyric video:

In case after hearing that song you were wondering who The Weeknd is dating now, that would be Bella Hadid. They have been dating off and on for three years now. I'm wondering if Bella cares that her man is still writing and producing music about an ex? Is he just trying to cash in on the emotions Selena? I don't want to speculate, but it sure looks like it.

I'm a fan of The Weeknd and it took me a few listens to be a fan of "Heartless." What do you think of The Weeknd's new song? Is it wicked good or totally whack? You can help us decide whether we add it to the playlist or not.

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