Summer is just around the corner and we're taking a peak at all of the awful ways things can go wrong when you summer on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Problems started as a fun station-staff joke during last year's Insane Inflatable 5k in Falmouth. We were stuck in bumper-to-bumper RV traffic, drove by a broken down boat, abandoned on the side of the highway and found a perfectly good lobster just tossed to the pavement in a gas station parking lot. Total #CapeCodProblems, right?

If only life were as tough as these other "problems':

1. So many abandoned Flip Flops

2. You get into an accident (probably with some tourist) and lost your entire Cranberry haul.

3. Your sunscreen doesn't rub in itself. such a mess, right?

4. You need a second vehicle for people because your actual vehicle is full.

5. You have to keep spare bibs with you at all times and you don't even have kids.

6. People steal your sharks. Seriously, who does that?

7. Like the sign says, you have sand in your shoes.   .. and every where else imaginable.

8.  Sorry guys, we can't take the boat out- it's low tide.

9. The walk to the water is too long and too hot.

10. You have to have the SHARKTIVITY app alerts on your phone so you don't take a dip with the Great Whites.

Shout out to all of the brave souls who are living the Cape Cod life every day!

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