Would you ever imagine that neighbors and heart attacks would have anything in common at all? Well, listen to this...

An article from the CityLab.com says getting to know your neighbors and being friendly with them, is correlated with a lower risk of heart attack!  Here's why: "Social connection at the neighborhood level has long been known to be associated with good mental health, and some aspects of physical health."  Of course when we are in good shape physically and mentally, we're in better overall health.  Makes sense I guess!

A couple of added bonuses too, you might make some new friends and you have someone to keep an eye out for anything suspicious going on in your neighborhood!  If you know your neighbors, you're more likely to watch one another's back.

Sometimes neighbors can be terrible, but sometimes they can be absolutely delightful, or even middle of the road, at least pleasant!  I've seen all sides of this.  Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have a best friend in my next door neighbor!  She moved in when I was 8 and we became quick friends and even still are today!  Then, I've had the 'wave, when passing by' type, which is totally fine.  They might not be too talkative, but at least their friendly!  Then, unfortunately, I've also had the dreaded miserable neighbor.

In our last house, my husband and I had neighbors on top of us!  We're the type that just tend to keep to ourselves and we're very quiet.   The people across the street from us were elderly and busy body types and watched our every move!  It was crazy!  The wife would give us dirty looks constantly and the husband would stare at us out of his big bay window!  I felt like we were constantly being watched!  Those were definitely the type of neighbors I didn't want to get to know!

Now that my husband and I have relocated to Massachusetts, we are living in an area with no neighbors at all!  We like our peace and quiet, so that works out well!  I think I spoke too soon though, because just a couple weeks ago, I noticed a bulldozer across the street and some foundations being put in....we're getting neighbors.  Bummer!  Well, maybe they'll be nice, that's all we can hope for I guess!

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