If you're looking for a fun way to "practice" for the New Year's Day polar plunge, there's a local program that will help you ease your way into the frigid waters. By the time January 1st arrives, you'll be a cold water dipping professional.

Why would anyone willingly dip into cold water, you ask? Cold water immersion is more than just a simple dip into the chilly waters.

Enthusiasts and researchers say it holds many benefits, which include improved heart health, reduced muscle inflammation, a strengthened immune system, enhanced mental health, and a surge in energy levels.

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An intuitive wellness coach, Cherie Blier will lead a group of individuals through a short breathwork practice, followed by cold water immersion in Onset Bay. Participants in the session will learn techniques to regulate their breathing and calm their minds, allowing them to immerse themselves in the experience of cold water immersion fully.

What truly sets these sessions apart is the sense of community and celebration. After each plunge, participants gather at the center and share their exhilarating experiences. It's more than just a wellness program; it's a community-building experience.

In a day and age where wellness is often associated with serene yoga studios or meditation rooms, the Cold Water Wellness series stands out as one of the more refreshing wellness experiences that you can partake in. If you think you have skin thick enough to take an ice bath dip, reach out to the Buzzards Bay Coalition and sign up today.

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