The Buzzards Bay Coalition is pulling out all the stops in the month of August to ensure that SouthCoast kids can end summer on a high note. The coalition is proud to host several free events next month that will have local children getting outside, soaking up the sun, and learning about the world around them.

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What Is the Buzzards Bay Coalition?

For over thirty years, the Buzzards Bay Coalition has been a membership-supported nonprofit organization dedicated to the restoration, protection, and sustainable use and enjoyment of Buzzards Bay and its watershed. It works to restore clean water, protect watershed lands, and engage the community thanks to the help of its volunteer board of directors, conservation professionals, and hundreds of dedicated volunteers.

Providing activities for kids is a great way to get the youth involved in learning about the world around them and teaching them the importance of the bay and its watershed with fun and interactive activities for the entire family.

The Coalition will be hosting over a dozen free events in August that will not only be educational, but also fun, engaging, and the perfect way to soak up the rest of summer.

Free Adventures at Buzzards Bay in August

2nd- Duck, Duck, Goose at the Sawmill, Acushnet

5th – Born to Ride at The Bogs, Mattapoisett

5th – Amphibian Oasis at Tinkhamtown Woodlands, Mattapoisett

6th – Beach Exploration at the Horseneck Point Life-Saving Station, Westport

6th – Mushroom Planet at Tinkhamtown Woodlands, Mattapoisett

9th – Itsy Bitsy Spider at The Sawmill, Acushnet

12th – Tour de Friends at Fort Phoenix State Reservation, Fairhaven

13th – Arborist for the Day at the New Boston Trail, Fairhaven

16th – Green Grass Grows All Around the Sawmill, Acushnet

19th – Paws on the Bogs, Mattapoisett

20th- Crazy for Crabs at the Horseneck Point Life-Saving Station, Westport

20th – Nature Navigators at Tripps Mill, Mattapoisett

25th – Beach Olympics at the Horseneck Point Life-Saving Station, Westport

26th – Phoenix Warriors at Fort Phoenix State Reservation, Fairhaven

26th – Mutant Mayhem at The Sawmill, Acushnet

27th – Rock Hounds at the Horseneck Point Life-Saving Station, Westport

Visit Save Buzzards Bay online to book your free adventure.

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