Easter is a few weeks away and there are plenty of places to hunt for Easter eggs with your kids...but what about the adults? Couldn't we use an Easter egg hunt too?

Several states have places that put on adult only Easter egg hunts in one way or another.

In Oregon it's an Easter egg hunt/pub crawl, where partygoers find eggs at every bar they visit and the one with the most eggs at the end wins cash.

At a vineyard in Virginia adult egg hunters scour the winery looking for eggs that hide tasty treats as well as gift certificates, free tastings, wine glasses and more.

And in Texas, the adult only egg hunt on a farm includes live music in a historic hall as well as dinner and drinks. And the egg hunt itself is at night...with flashlights! Not to mention the fact that the eggs have over $3,000 in prizes and gift certificates in them.

All of these sound really fun. So shouldn't someone around here put something like this on?

Would you go to an adult only Easter egg hunt? And where would you like to see one on the Southcoast?

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